Finding headshops near me and what to buy


The first headshops in the United States were The Haight in San Francisco and New York City’s East Village that appeared in the 1960s. These places were the main center of counterculture at that time. Aside from pipes and bongs, they also sold counterculture newspapers, comic books, lava lamps, and music posters.


Most people associate head shops with dark and dingy rooms full of drug paraphernalia. However, in recent times, headshops have been embodying the vibe and symbolism of hippie culture. They now carry items that even non-smokers would find interesting.



You might wonder where I can find headshops near me? Most headshops nowadays are selling online. Since online retailers have fewer costs, you can save more by buying online. Here are some items you can find in your local headshop:


  • Character Pipes

All headshops sell different types of pipes from plain glass water pipes to crazy cartoon character pipes. Whether you’re a smoker or not, you will enjoy the look of your favorite cartoon immortalize as a pipe.

  • Papers

If you’re into clearer smoke without any additives, you can use papers since cigars have chemicals that might change the taste of the filler. You can choose from organic hemp or rice paper as a healthier option too.

  • Incense

This can be used for masking other smells, meditation and can even be used to set a romantic mood. You can also find incense for several other occasions.

  • Hippie Items

Most headshops might have some hippie culture items on their shelves. They might have things like tapestries, candles, tie-dye cloth, and other bohemian items which you can use for decoration.

  • Vaping Equipment

Electronic cigarettes and scents are also available in headshops. Most people choose to vape since there are different flavors and scents. It also doesn’t have the side effect of smoker’s cough.