Building and maintaining a website can be a daunting task

Differentiating Autologon Applications


You will need to take note of a lot of things such as links and login credentials.

This has been remedied by using programs that store these credentials and automatically logs you into the various sections you need to work on. These programs have a more advanced functionality than that of your web browser and you can add various commands that will initiate it.

Here are some examples:

  • LogonExpertAutologon Application/s
  • These particular applications are usually built into your computer’s operating system.This provides users quick access to the sections or functionalities that they intend to use.
  • A good example of these services or functionalities would be connecting to the internet. The user will initially be asked to enter their username and password, and the system will remember them so that when they try to connect again, it will automatically be done.
  • Macro-enabling Applications
  • These particular applications require a lot of tweaking.You will have to set the credentials manually as well as when or how they are triggered.
  • The activationusually requires you to map certain keys or key combinations so that when used, it will automatically initiate the function you have programmed intoit, like logging in to Facebook or Gmail.
  • Communication Applications
  • These applications will store your credentials and will automatically log you in when you boot up your system. A good example of this kind of application would be Skype, which is usually used as a business solution so that you are always connected. Users do not need to recall their credentials and are automatically signed in and ready to join online meetings or converse with other users.

There are various kinds of auto login applications which traverse different OS ecosystems, but these are the most common ones.

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