A person’s life can never be as easy as doing nothing and can easily obtain his/her needs and wants. In this world, every individual should work hard enough to obtain and achieve something. This would lead to a very productive but busy life. This busy life usually involves using a person’s body and mind to move around and works; sometimes it could be used too much. The same as other living things, a person’s body mostly needs to rest and recharge to be capable of doing usual works again.

But due to this busy life of a person, they mostly rather do the easy or fast way to keep their body recharged; this involves eating, drinking, and sleeping. Not all food and drinks provide the right nutrients for the body, but why is it that people will still choose to take these all in? One of the possible reasons is because it is more convenient for them since all it takes is to open the wrapper and twist the bottle cap or pour it into a glass. Foods such as chips, cup noodles, biscuits, and a fast food restaurant or food stalls orders such as burger, and etc. Lack of body nutrients could not just affect the work of a person, but also his/her health. A person is usually concerned with their health. One of these conditions some people encounter is hair loss.



Hair loss can be almost very terrorizing to every person, especially when they really look better with it. A health of a person can be one of the possible causes of this. Hair loss may have many different treatments and homemade remedies but since a person’s hair feeds on the nutrients it can get inside the body the effects might not last long. Thus to have a more effective treatment, a person should at least change his/her diet to a healthier way and find the best way to regrow hair. Some might think that it is very taxing to do since some have a very tough and busy life. But it could be not always all vegetable way but it can be in a balanced way just enough to provide nutrients to the body and prevent illness or bad health, especially hair loss.